OMGANG LLC is a firm established with a vast array of experiences and associated expertise. From flight test engineering to configuration management; from worldwide logistics to program management; from military aviation operations to engineering change orders & deviations, OMGANG is able to offer unique perspectives on a wide range of technical subjects.

Specific expertise extends to the following fields:

  • Systems engineering
  • Manufacturing operations
  • Safety
  • Data analysis
  • Technical training

President and founder of OMGANG is Greg Storm. Greg’s professional background began after graduating from the University of Missouri – Rolla with a Mechanical Engineering degree. Active-duty Naval service then began with Greg becoming a second-generation Naval Aviator in July of 1995. Navy life brought Greg and his cherished family around the world. After three years in Japan flying the E-2C Hawkeye and earning his Wing-qualified Landing Signal Officer designation, Greg studied aviation safety at Naval Postgraduate School in Monterrey, California. Safety Officer and Ground Flight Representative (GFR) for the DCMA Northrop Grumman facility in St. Augustine, Florida came next. Following that, Navy orders as an Aviation Officer for a one-star Admiral brought Greg and family to Naval Station Roosevelt Roads in Puerto Rico. Greg and his family then left active duty and moved to their home of record in Atlanta, Georgia.

Greg’s career next took two parallel paths – both as an engineer as well as a pilot with the US Navy Reserves. As an engineer, Greg worked as a flight test engineer with ARINC on the C-5M Galaxy as it underwent developmental flight test at the Lockheed Martin facility in Marietta, Georgia. During the Avionics Modernization Program (AMP) Greg served as the Subject Matter Expert on the Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System ensuring its proper integration into the modernized avionics architecture. Once AMP was complete, the C-5M underwent the Reliability & Re-engineering Program (RERP) where Greg served aboard the Subsystems & Utilities engineering team.

As C-5M developmental testing wound down, Navy life called Greg and his family to Texas where Greg went back on active duty as his C-9 Skytrain Navy Reserve squadron moved from Atlanta to Fort Worth. Overseeing major portions of that move and bringing the squadron back to full operating capacity remains one of Greg’s fondest Navy memories.

Greg returned to the engineering field in Fort Worth once again with DCMA, this time as an Aerospace Engineer. Greg’s seven years with DCMA Bell Helicopter saw him working in depth with both nonconforming material changes, engineering drawing changes, and technical training of new-hire engineers.

2017 saw Greg transition from full-time engineer to full-time airline pilot. Greg returned to his flying roots, but remains committed to ensuring the technical success of his clientelle.

Greg formerly held a Top Secret security clearance, has operating experience around the world, and currently holds five FAA type-ratings. He enjoys any time spent with family, all outdoor activities and is always reading a good book.